IMAGE: Canteen & Sisters Rest Room, 16 A.G.H. Courtesy of the Alice Broadhurst Collection, Yarra Plenty Library.

An interesting (at times fascinating) aspect to our work has been the sifting through of a plethora of information relevant to our Project, trying to find the facts that are pertinent to our articles.

A case in point concerns the naming of Mount Sugarloaf/Sugarloaf Hill now Gresswell Hill.

Information found so far reveals that the Hill here in Macleod (now known as Gresswell Hill) has in the distant past been referred to as ‘Mount Sugarloaf’ and also as ‘Sugarloaf Hill’.

We do now know that for some reason (still unexplained) Mount Sugarloaf/Sugarloaf Hill was renamed Gresswell Hill after Dr Dan Astley Gresswell However the timing and reasoning behind that change remains unclear.

Perhaps it was due to some confusion over the existing elevation out at Kinglake West that at the time was (also?) known as Mount Sugarloaf?

What is also unclear is how (and when) Mount Sugarloaf/Sugarloaf Hill initially got its name.

To this end a clue was found (or at least we thought it was found) in a 1999 ‘Heritage Citation’ to do with the Mont Park Military Mental Block (later the Plenty Hospital Administration Block) that at that time was still standing here in the grounds of Mont Park.

It was in this lengthy citation that the following was written that seemed to connect the Hill’s name to a famous battle in World War One.

This citation read …. “The hill was named ‘Mt Sugarloaf’, probably by veterans of the 1916 battle of Fromelles, where the Sugar Loaf salient was attacked during the 1916 Somme offensive.”

However, just when we thought that perhaps we had stumbled across the reason or rationale for the naming of Mount Sugarloaf/Sugarloaf Hill we found this Real Estate Sale Map of the area going back to a land sale dated 1887 (prior to World War 1 :-/).

A 1887 Map of part of the Mont Park area, with a reference to a proposed Racecourse (that seemingly never eventuated) on the Eastern side of Mount Sugar Loaf or Sugar Loaf Hill (now Gresswell Hill).