Listed below are all the Street Names within the Springthorpe Housing Estate, an Estate that was developed from 2002 onwards, on land that was previously the Mont Park Hospital precinct.

Please note that this list has been compiled with as much care and accuracy as possible, however it remains incomplete, and we welcome any of our readers to provide clarity and/or any new or updated information per our ‘Contact’ page/link (see above).

Name                                     Named after……

Bella Vista Close               –

Breckenridge Place         –

Brittingham Court           Samuel Charles Brittingham was Chief Architect of the State Public Works Department (1910 – 1922). Brittingham designed other existing buildings at Mont Park such as the Chronic Wards/The Terraces, the Farmworkers Block and Laundry Workers Block.

Cade Grove                          Dr John Frederick Joseph Cade (1912 – 1980) and his father Dr David Cade both worked at Mont Park. John Cade’s story is fascinating, see the book ‘Finding Sanity’ (2016). In 1948 at the Bundoora Homestead/Rehabilitation Hospital, John Cade discovered Lithium salt to be a treatment for manic depression/bipolar syndrome, earning him worldwide acclaim.

Cahir Court                         Mr T Cahir in 1913 was the Acting Head Attendant of the Male Division at Mont Park.

Cascade Walk                     The lake and waterway called ‘The Cascades’ were built as part of the Springthorpe Estate.

Cherry Street                      Captain Percy Herbert Cherry was awarded the Victoria Cross for his bravery in WWI. He died in France, aged 21. Cherry Street was earlier known as Military Road.

Coolidge Wynd                   –

Crestwood Avenue            –

Cypress Court                     Many Cypress trees were planted around the boundary of the Mont Park site.

Ernest Jones Drive            Dr William Ernest Jones (1867 – 1957) was appointed the Victorian Inspector General of the Insane in 1905 until 1937. He and the Premier of Victoria chose the site of Mont Park, and Dr Jones is credited with vast improvements in the care of patients with psychiatric illnesses in Victoria.

Evan Smith Close               Edwin Evan Smith was the Chief Architect of the Victorian Public Works Department (1922 – 1929). Evan Smith designed the Ernest Jones Recreation Hall, as well as the New Hospital (BM La Trobe House) and the Nurses Quarters.

Everett Court                       Percy Everett, Chief Architect of the State Public Works Dept (1934 – 1953). Everett designed buildings at the Mont Park site such as the Larundel complex, and the Female Convalescent Ward/Plenty Hospital, now the apartments on Main Drive.

Forrestwood Drive           –

Garner Court                       –

Grand Avenue                     –

Gresswell Road                   Dr Dan Astley Gresswell (1853 – 1904) was a highly regarded Public Health Administrator whose work improving the sanitary conditions in Victoria in the late 1800s and early 1900s saved countless lives.

Hanrahan Mews                 Mr Michael Hanrahan (b.1874) was an Attendant at Mont Park in 1913 to the much praised Landscape Gardener Mr Hugh Linaker.

Hendricks Mews                The ‘Hendricks Track’ runs within the Gresswell Habitat Link to the access gate at the end of Hendricks Mews. It remains unclear which was named first or after whom.

Heritage Court                     Many Heritage features are located within the Springthorpe Estate.

Hideaway Turn                     –

Horizon View                         –

Lakewood Court                   –

Linaker Drive                         After renowned Mont Park landscape gardener and horticultural pioneer Mr Hugh Linaker (1872 – 1938). Linaker was engaged by local and state governments between 1889 and 1938 and his work within the Mont Park grounds remains highly regarded to this very day.

Lookout Rise                          The highest elevation on Gresswell Hill on which houses have been built.

Main Drive                              Main Drive used to be called Wattle Drive originally. The old Main Drive was the main access road into Mont Park but was located about where Linaker Drive is today.

Manor Green                          –

O’Meara Place                        Mr Joseph O’Meara (b. 1863) was the Farm Bailiff at Mont Park in 1913 operating the Dairy, the Piggery and the Poultry Farm.

Pottage Circuit                       After Harry Pottage, a Heidelberg Councillor in the 1960s and 1980s who was instrumental in preventing the Reserve site that today carries his name from becoming a housing development.

Sherman Mews                      The ‘Sherman Track’ runs within the Gresswell Habitat Link to the access gate at the end of Sherman Mews. It remains unclear which was named first or after whom.

Springthorpe Boulevard     Dr John William Springthorpe (1855 – 1933) championed reforms in the treatment of the mentally ill and the use of psychological therapies. As a physician of some note, Springthorpe worked closely with injured and shell-shocked returning WWI soldiers.

Sugarloaf Drive                      Sugarloaf Drive runs around the southern and eastern sides of ‘Sugarloaf Hill’ which is now called Gresswell Hill.

Terrace Way                            ‘The Terraces’ on Ernest Jones Drive were formerly known as the Chronic Wards of Mont Park. They are used now primarily by La Trobe University.

The Common                           –

Woodlawn Circuit                 –